THE STUDENT. A value in itself.

Our pedagogic project begins by observing the personal reality and psychology of students, who is are valued naturally and receive full attention according to their needs.

By encouraging their motivations and awakening their appetite for knowledge, we attempt to teach values to the students, a responsibility that goes beyond the mere streaming of information or the blatant use of technology. Therefore we care about helping them build up their own way of understanding life.


THE EDUCATOR. A role model.

During the first years, the pedagogic tasks of our teachers are centered in paying close attention to kids and their learning processes.

Subsequently, when students begin to grasp their own realities, the teacher’s tasks shifts towards requiring them to fulfill their responsibilities, develop their personal skills and accommodate their own dreams and expectations; always in a respectful, confident and comprehensive way.

This is what we call “self-education”.


THE FAMILY. The core of education.

We are conscious that family represents the very core of education; this is why we welcome honest and mutual communication amongst the school and the families of our students as well as cooperative coordination of educational activities.


THE ENVIRONMENT. An inspirational value.

The educative environment outside the classroom is yet another powerful pedagogical element that we account for when it comes to education. We propose:

-          A respectful coexistence in between all the members of our school community.

-          A respectful coexistence in between all the members of our school community.

-          That the patio, the extra-curricular activities, trips and special celebrations be opportunities to live and share experiences alternative to the imperative discipline in classrooms.

-          That science, culture, and technology, must kindly serve the purposes of respecting personal grow and social values.


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